The Lost Book Shop has been operating for over twenty five years. It was started by Richard Sutcliffe. Richard joined forces with the current owners around 1999. Within a few years there was about 12 or 13 used bookshops in Chiangmai, We had three here, one in Pai and another in Chiang Rai. Over the next 10 years and as the digital books were coming on line a lot of the bookshops closed., rents were rising and it was tougher to survive. At present there is about five used book shops here.

Backstreet was opened about 15 years ago and was a success from day one. We just kept investing in more and better books ,. We have just the two shops left and between them we carry about 65000 titles. Over the years The Lost Book Shop has been expanded, it is now a well lit and comfortable shop.

Richard left the business about 8 years ago due to ill health and died about five years ago. Sadly missed by all, A soft spot in our hearts for this kind and generous man.

We source our books from around the world, now and then buy complete bookshops in Thailand and abroad. Our books are made up of remainders, hurts, used and some new.

At the moment we are just using the website for information. If you want to buy books please contact us buy email with the books your looking for. We will give you our price and send it free within Thailand.

Do hope you drop in when you next visit Chiangmai.